Welcome to Vasiliki Kyriakidis's Art Gallery

These patterns are taken from the book “Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art” by Issam El-Said and Ayse Parman. They exist on buildings that date as early as 3ooAD. The patterns I have done are the square/octagon patterns. There is another set based on the circle/hexagon, which despite being rigid and systematic, feel more playful than these.

I went through the process of drawing each pattern, then tracing it onto watercolour paper using a light-box. Recreating each pattern on the watercolour paper would destroy the paper, because many lines are drawn that are erased.I use watercolour and gouache paints from the “Art Spectrum” range, and “Arches” watercolour paper.

The large patterns are on A2 pieces of paper and the patterns themselves measure 48cm across x 32cm down.The small patterns are on A4 pieces of paper and measure 19cm across and 25cm down. These were directly copied from the book.

I did these smaller patterns as a sample size for colour combinations because they only take 3-4 hours to paint, whereas the larger ones take 10-15.I have paintings that are professionally framed by Greg O’Shea of “State of the Art Framing”, 467 Hampton St, Hampton, 95982654.

The rest are in perspex frames, but they are presented with a mountboard to frame them. The perspex frames are lighter and safer to post then glass frames and are for presentation and delivery purposes. You may see some buckling of the paper in some parts, but good quality, thick watercolour paper can do this over time in any frame. Also, neither the perspex or the backing cardboard are firm enough on the paper, and this would also contribute to some buckling. You can keep the work as is, or reframe it.In the photos,

some of the Perspex has scratches, and my reflection is also present – I can assure you that there are lots of little mistakes in my meticulous work, but I would never leave ones as obvious as a big scratch or discoloured areas (which on closer inspection is me holding a camera). The cost of the Perspex frames is part of the delivery/packaging. The professionally framed art will cost more because of their weight and fragility. I accept returns if you are not wholly satisfied. I accept orders - if you want a particular pattern with particular colours, please feel free to contact me.