Dimensions of frame: 54 x 74 x 1cm.  Artwork is 32cm x 48cm.

This pattern is one of my favourites. It has 5 separate shapes. Two of the shapes are painted in 16 different colours - 8 bright rainbow colours and 8 pale rainbow colours to match. The other 3 shapes use varying shades of grey and white (the white is unpainted exposing the paper). The greys and whites form their own pattern as they darken and lighten across the painting to create depth. I have used gouache and watercolour Art Spectrum paints on watercolour paper.

Price includes artwork, mountboard and Ikea FISKBO frame. These frames are the most economical way to transport, protect and display these delicate watercolours.

Price does not include delivery of artwork. This frame can be easily mailed via Australia Post to anywhere in the world. Email me your address and I will work out the cheapest option. This will be a separate payment via PayPal. Alternatively, if you live in Melbourne, we can organise a pick-up/drop off point.

This pattern can be made to order in any colour or variety of colours. Cost of a new pattern is $120, and this does not include frame or mountboard. A pattern this size takes 10-15 hours to complete.

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