I was born in Melbourne in 1974, and have lived in the Eastern suburbs since I was six. I completed a Degree in Fine Art at RMIT in 1994, majoring in Painting and Drawing.

When I was a little girl, mum would buy me a 12 pack of Derwent pencils every couple of years. I would rearrange the colours separating the cool greens and blues from the warm, purple, red, orange, and yellow sequence. At the end of the tin, the black pencil would separate the browns from the rainbow I made.

I kept drawing, then painting and drawing, always looking for subject matter, but whatever I did the rainbow was always there. I hated it when teachers told me that colour, form and technique were enough because I didn’t believe it was substantial. Then I decided to get systematic about it, and discovered that the possibilities were truly endless and would allow me to spend a lifetime in my Derwent tin. I read Kandinsky and resonated with his cool/warm theory on colours, and his organic/inorganic system of form and composition. I began with these inorganic geometric patterns and a massive list of colour combinations.

There are many rainbows present within the colour wheel, and within portions of the colour wheel. I love mixing bold colours together, putting complimentary opposites side by side, and inviting the eye into a very complicated space that is saturated by pastels. More recently I enjoy leaving portions of the pattern unfinished, or deviating from the pattern – not by changing the lines, but by letting the colours create their own rules...