These collage books were made between the years of 1989-2012. I mainly bought magazines between the years 1992-2002. The bulk of the influence and lots of the fashion) is from then. It started because I really loved the Shiseido make up ads (I hardly have any of these) and Clinique ads (which I have loads of). I loved looking at magazines, but as the pile of them grew larger, I started to rip out the images I wanted to keep, and when that pile got larger I began the books. There were lots of photos I never got hold of, and lots behind better/just as good photos that I chose to glue down. They are designed to be looked as an open A2 book. This was because a double page magazine spread would fit nicely with other images around it. I was fortunate because the year 2000 made lots of publications do summaries of influential subjects. But I wish I started collecting earlier.

Around 2002, I stopped collecting as much but I still had many collages to make. Around 2011, I stopped collecting completely and finished after 24 books. These take a lot of work to put together and I wanted to start focusing on my geometric patterns. I had begun a systematic approach to colour and form which I wanted to explore. In the end, I realised that the collages were still about colour and my systematic approach to it rather than what I wanted to portray. Again, subject matter does not apply – just form and composition.

Also, with the internet any image can be printed and sized up how you want it. I was so used to the format of these magazines and this way my whole process would be absolutely free and not dictated by what certain publications decided to print. The possibilities had become endless and I became overwhelmed and a bit bored by it. I got tired of watching the fashion cycles. A German Vogue that arrived here 6 months after publication was still more current than our fashion magazines (I love that quote in the Devil Wears Prada about the turquoise belt), I started to see themes that ran for years.

But I do love looking at them. Sometimes I think I could rip them up and make another set of books yet again. Or at least just group them up - red pages, catwalk pages, animal pages, black and white photos, nature, Absolut Vodka ads (of which now there is a book of), pale pages, multicolour pages dark, multicolour pages bright.......................................

The main magazines I used were:

  • “The Good Weekend Weekend” an Australian, Melbourne newspaper, Saturday supplement.
  • Daily newspapers.
  • A 70s “encyclopedia” I found on the side of the road.
  • Fashion magazines: Vogue Australia, Marie Claire Australia, French, British and German vogue.
  • ‘Face’ magazine 3-4 years
  • United Colours of Benetton ‘Colours’ magazine 3-4 years
  • Sometimes Wallpaper, other home design/decorating magazines, Arena, Frankie, art magazines, cooking photos, and pictures given to me.