Dimensions: 85 x 70 x 8cm. Artwork is 32cm x 48cm.

This pattern has two separate shapes and is painted in 10 colours using gouache Art Spectrum paints. There are 8 rainbow colours, black and white. This painting doesn't follow the regular rules of colouring in. The centre octagon has 8 rainbow "legs' spiralling out, which is also repeated in the four corners of the painting. Another pattern within the pattern = the centre octagon is black - the octagons around this one are rainbow colours, and the octagons around these are black again. There is a pattern, but it is following its own rules...

This artwork has been professionally framed by Greg O'Shea of Bespoke Framing in Moorabbin. 

Price does not include delivery of artwork. Because this is professionally framed, delivery is best using a reputable delivery company. Email me your address and I will work out the cheapest option. This will be a separate payment via PayPal. Alternatively, if you live in Melbourne, we can organise a pick-up/drop off point. 

This pattern can be made to order in any colour or variety of colours. Cost of a new pattern is $120, and is without the frame or mountboard.

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